Sienna Parfitt

maker / sewist / artist

I taught myself to sew close to six years ago. It started off slowly, but eventually ended up dominating all of my free time and brain space. I enjoy sewing all sorts of thing; garments, quilts, bags, home goods, all the things. I’m happiest when I’m making something with my hands.

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

My grandfather was a prolific artist and absolutely loved music. He blasted classical music all day long, so I’ve always associated music with a creative practice. Although I don’t usually play classical, I find instrumental music to get me in the mood creatively. My brain is easily distracted by lyrics so when I’m making, I favor songs with few lyrics, or repetitive vocalizations that blend into the music.

Tell us about your playlist:

I tend to listen to the same song or songs on repeat until I get sick of them. This playlist is what I’m currently looping. It’s soothing, fades into the background when I’m really focused, but also has some upbeat parts to re-energize me when motivation wanes.

black play icon
Sunny Sloth

  1. Sunny Sloth – Monster Rally
  2. It All Feels Right – Washed Out
  3. Spooky Couch – Albert Hammond, Jr.
  4. lovers’ carvings – Bibio
  5. Keyboards Cause We’re Black and White – De Lux
  6. Home – LCD Soundsystem
  7. JBS – Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2
  8. Smokey Cabana – Monster Rally
  9. No Woman – Whitney
  10. Orchids – Monster Rally
  11. Lipstick – Ariel Pink
  12. Shalala – Moses Gunn Collective
  13. Windows – Sugar Candy Mountain
  14. sweet. – Nohidea
  15. Friends – levitation room
  16. Indian Food – Dumbo Gets Mad
  17. Windowpane – Mild High Club
  18. He Would Have Laughed – Deerhunter
  19. Man Of Oil – Animal Collective