Reb Ayşe Geduk

they / she
artist / maker

I’m Reb, a queer maker living in Western NY. I’ve worked in arts administration for years while experimenting with photography, printmaking sculpture and installation. At some point, my work shifted to using fiber and natural dyes, before I eventually landed at my sewing machine permanently. The clothes I make are simple and made of voluminous silhouettes, natural fibers and simple prints.

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

Music has always been a way for me to connect to others, even though I wouldn’t consider myself musically-inclined. I’ve bonded with friends over different artists, shared playlists and dancing at local shows. I’ve befriended musicians because through the common language that forms between visual art and music. Heck, I’ve even collaborated with musicians on artwork! I think the social aspect really speaks to my creative practice; I am nothing without community. I draw inspiration and build faith in my practice through my interactions with other creatives.

I also just like to sway my hips and sing along while I’m working on a project!

Tell us about your playlist:

Fasten your seatbelts, I’m bringing you my best mix of comfort, chaos and catharsis! The title, “been living in a cave” (taken randomly from a song) seemed like an accurate representation of the past year, but also applicable to that moment when you pull yourself away from a project and reenter the world.

A lot of the music I’m drawn to holds big emotions, cool beats and some abstract elements. I love the types of bands who are easy to see play at a local bar or a house show, the kind that you can bump into outside after a set and strike up a conversation, so I’ve included a lot of indie artists that I know and/or have play seen in person.

These songs are arranged according to my workflow and what sorts of songs I gravitate toward in each stage. I hope you’ll enjoy the ebb & flow of my process. 🙂

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been living in a cave

  1. Everything Is Scary – German Error Message
  2. 5ive – Cammy Enaharo, Moses Rockwell, Gary Lamaar
  3. Lonely Weekend – NNAMDÏ
  4. There Was Plenty Time Before Us – Deem Spencer
  5. Paprika – Japanese Breakfast
  6. Before the World Was Big – Girlpool
  7. When You Die – MGMT
  8. What About God and What About Your Friends? – Bulldog Eyes
  9. Algae Bloom – Told Slant
  10. Airbag – Radiohead
  11. anything – Adrianne Lenker
  12. p e g a s u s t h o t z – Field Medic
  13. Take Off Ur Pants – Indigo De Souza
  14. Straight Boy – Shamir
  15. Order – Hana Vu
  16. Heat Rises – Nilüfer Yanya
  17. Biking – Frank Ocean, JAY-Z, Tyler, The Creator
  18. Uvaje’D – Allan Kingdom
  19. My Girls – Animal Collective
  20. Peace on the Rise – Chad VanGaalen
  21. Suzanne – Nina Simone
  22. Sunday (feat. Frank Ocean) – Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean
  23. Ace – Noname, Smino, Saba
  24. Lost Wisdom – Mount Eerie, Julie Doiron, Fred Squire
  25. Polly – Moses Sumney
  26. Warsh_Tippy and Zelda – Whatever, Dad
  27. Jackson Browne – Hello Shark
  28. Drunk – Dijon
  29. Marilyn – Mount Kimbie, Micachu
  30. Headless Horseman – The Microphones
  31. No Face – Haley Heynderickx
  32. Condor Ave – Elliott Smith
  33. Rat Race – James Tillman
  34. Poison Root – Alex G
  35. Zen Scientist (feat. Myka 9) – Milo, Myka 9
  36. Australia – Attic Abasement
  37. Random Rules – Silver Jews
  38. Coxcomb Red – Songs: Ohia
  39. Chelsea Hotel #2 – Leonard Cohen
  40. Sleepwalkin’ – Better Oblivion Community Center, Phoebe Bridgers, Conor Oberst
  41. Breathing – Adult Mom
  42. Turn Twice – Trace Mountains
  43. Reason to Believe (feat. Courtney Barnett) – Vagabon, Courtney Barnett
  44. Don’t Bother Calling – Moses Sumney
  45. Lived and Died Alone – Shamir