Monica Patel


I am a graduate architecture student living in London and have been sewing for 12 years. Over the last couple of years, I’ve become really interested in embroidery and hand stitching, which I am slowly trying to incorporate more into my makes. I really love the slowness of making, where the things we make read the entire process and every detail. I hope to translate this slowness into more forms, from learning to draft patterns, to using more hand finishing techniques. I really like working with natural fibres, experimenting with construction and subtle details. I am working towards sewing intentionally, making garments that fit my dream version of a cohesive wardrobe while still learning to experiment with more colour and forms.

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

I usually listen to music to get into a creative flow when drawing/sewing/making. I alternate between music, podcasts, and films while sewing, usually based on if I am sewing a tricky, new project or just sewing to relax. My taste in music is quite broad but I definitely lean towards my favourites that I never get tired of. The contrast between the energy of these songs and the meditative nature of sewing creates a great headspace for myself while I am creating.

Tell us about your playlist:

This playlist is a collection of favourites that I’ve began to associate with my sewing practice over the last year. The energy and vibe of the playlist ebbs and flows, which helps me to carve out the headspace for creative work. Generally, my music taste is quite varied which definitely is represented in this collection of songs!

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A good thing

  1. Plastic (Mid-City Island Version) – Moses Sumney
  2. Weary – Solange
  3. Love and Happiness – Al Green
  4. Rainbow Road – Dan Kye
  5. On & On – Erykah Badu
  6. I’ll Be Seeing You – Billie Holiday
  7. Just Like Water – Live – Ms. Lauryn Hill
  8. For All You Give (feat. Lucy Rose) – The Paper Kites, Lucy Rose
  9. SUPERPOSITION – Daniel Caesar, John Mayer
  10. You Won’t Remember… – Bibio
  11. Mad (feat. Lil Wayne) – Solange, Lil Wayne
  12. Are You In Love? – James Blake
  13. Good Moon – Michael Nau
  14. Mango (Freestyle / Process) – Orion Sun, Mulch
  15. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life – Stevie Wonder
  16. untitled 08 | 09.06.2014. – Kendrick Lamar
  17. Rhymes Like Dimes – MF DOOM, DJ Cucumber Slice
  18. Sinnerman – Nina Simone
  19. Window Seat – Erykah Badu
  20. Day Dreaming – Aretha Franklin
  21. Killing Me Softly With His Song – Fugees, Ms. Lauryn Hill