Meghan Grubb

artist / maker / sewist

I am an artist, maker-of-all-sorts-of-things, and (stay-at-home) mom of two. My art practice operates between sculpture and installation, primarily designing/making large-scale commissioned work. But over the last few years or so my creative practice has diverged along many pursuits — woodworking, furniture making, and a slew of home reno projects, garden design, and now (over the last year) sewing. Increasingly into the art of the everyday objects, embedding the handmade into daily life. In the coming years, I want to build a business around my making practice, and I wonder every day what and how it will come to be. PS: I am very into sewing natural fibers and simple garments, and feel that sewing my own clothes is an act of rebellion.

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

I most often listen to music when I want to get into or maintain a flow state. If I am problem-solving or brainstorming, music can be distracting. But when my work is executing creative tasks, carrying out a project, music adds to the energy/adrenaline/endorphins of that moment. I love to listen to music when I sew! It’s usually feel-good, upbeat tunes, something that energizes and balances with the focus/stillness required of sewing.

Tell us about your playlist:

These are the songs I have on repeat right now! Embedding in the memories of this Spring. Felt right.

black play icon
spring fling

  1. Skin – Dijon
  2. Shine – Years & Years
  3. The Few Things – JP Saxe
  4. Beige – Yoke Lore
  5. Real Love Baby – Father John Misty
  6. Funeral Singers – Sylvan Esso, Collections Of Colonies Of Bees
  7. Waterfall – Tim Legend Remix – Petit Biscuit, Panama, Tim Legend
  8. Chin Up – Yoke Lore
  9. Fallingwater – Maggie Rogers
  10. Wake Up – Chelsea Cutler
  11. Rewind – Echo Mountain Sessions – Sylvan Esso
  12. When I Get There – Big Wild
  13. Brace (feat. Rainsford) – Twin Shadow, Rainsford
  14. Hope For Something – Alternate Version – Panama
  15. Collide – EVVY
  16. Better Parts – Tiny Tiny