Malorie Hall


I am a SAHM to three energetic kids and live in Portland, Oregon. I love being a mom but it’s also often hard and thankless so I take my hobbies and interests very seriously. I love fashion and sewing clothes primarily but you can also find me obsessively reading cookbooks or knitting while watching a lot of nightly television. I love sewing wovens and natural fibers for myself but can be persuaded to make something for my kids if they are willing to appreciate it!

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

I often listen to music while sewing, especially when I’m doing something more difficult or needs a lot of focus. It has a meditative effect in this way. It’s usually music I really love or am deeply connected to due to how many times I’ve listened to it, memories of experiencing that artist perform live, or appreciating the musicality of harmonies or uniqueness of a song. I studied violin through college and learning and performing classical music gives me a similar focus and meditative feeling. Making music is similar to making clothes or food for me in that I’m looking to feel challenged and proving to myself that I can push myself beyond the limits of what I think I can do. Conversely it’s also about playing a simple song with my kids or making a simple piece of clothing to just feel the joy in creating.

When I’m listening to my favorite music I am able to block out the rest of the world and that also helps to drown out any questions and doubts like “Do I really need to make this?” “Will people think this is weird?” “Should I be using my time in a different way?” Sewing is really important to me and music is very important to me too and somehow doing both at the same time helps me to remember who I am and why I care so much about my hobbies and interests.

Tell us about your playlist:

I have a deep connection to the music in this playlist. I’m not trying to pander to what I think other people would like–it’s unapologetically me! The following are a sampling of some of my evergreen favorite albums I love to create to (I’m an album person) and why I connect to them, in no particular order.

I have always liked hearing random songs from the Beach Boys including from Pet Sounds. However, it wasn’t until I heard the complete album on vinyl a few years ago did it make a more significant impact on me and helped me realize why it is one of the greatest albums of all time to play loudly on your record player. Sufjan Stevens is probably my absolute favorite music artist. I love all of his music for so many reasons but the two albums I have included in the playlist (Carrie and Lowell, Age of Adz) I saw performed live and are some of his finest in terms of emotional vulnerability, originality and composing skill. The violin pieces by Fritz Kreisler I listened to a lot in high school and played a few. Just hearing the violin and piano is beautiful in its simplicity and lets the violin shine. Romance in F minor by Dvorak is the last significant piece that I studied and performed and is a reminder of the confidence that comes from taking on something I thought was totally outside of my skill set and proving myself wrong! The Grizzly Bear Shields album came out while I was living in a rural area with a small baby and a toddler and I listened to that album a lot to cope and mentally escape. I love the harmonies of Fleet Foxes, and I always appreciate a song that completely transforms into another idea (or three) like “The Shrine/An Argument.” I exclusively listened to Beach house when sewing one of my most challenging garments to date, a tailored wool coat. Arcade Fire because I am an old millennial and it’s formulaic but true, I love them. Real Estate Days is essential relaxing music and feels like the only thing I should be listening to when driving near the beach in California. The Tame Impala album is the newest addition and represents something I can’t stop listening to (and sewing to) right now.

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Sewing Flow

  1. Wouldn’t It Be Nice – Remastered – The Beach Boys
  2. You Still Believe In Me – Remastered – The Beach Boys
  3. That’s Not Me – Remastered – The Beach Boys
  4. Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) – Remastered – The Beach Boys
  5. I’m Waiting For The Day – Remastered – The Beach Boys
  6. Let’s Go Away For A While – Remastered – The Beach Boys
  7. Sloop John B – Remastered – The Beach Boys
  8. God Only Knows – Remastered – The Beach Boys
  9. I Know There’s An Answer – Remastered – The Beach Boys
  10. Here Today – Remastered – The Beach Boys
  11. I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times – Remastered – The Beach Boys
  12. Pet Sounds – Remastered – The Beach Boys
  13. Caroline, No – Remastered – The Beach Boys
  14. Hang On To Your Ego – The Beach Boys
  15. Zebra – Beach House
  16. Silver Soul – Beach House
  17. Norway – Beach House
  18. Walk in the Park – Beach House
  19. Used to Be – Beach House
  20. Lover of Mine – Beach House
  21. Better Times – Beach House
  22. 10 Mile Stereo – Beach House
  23. Real Love – Beach House
  24. Take Care – Beach House
  25. Myth – Beach House
  26. Wild – Beach House
  27. Lazuli – Beach House
  28. Other People – Beach House
  29. The Hours – Beach House
  30. Troublemaker – Beach House
  31. New Year – Beach House
  32. Wishes – Beach House
  33. On the Sea – Beach House
  34. Irene – Beach House
  35. Death with Dignity – Sufjan Stevens
  36. Should Have Known Better – Sufjan Stevens
  37. All of Me Wants All of You – Sufjan Stevens
  38. Drawn to the Blood – Sufjan Stevens
  39. Eugene – Sufjan Stevens
  40. Fourth of July – Sufjan Stevens
  41. The Only Thing – Sufjan Stevens
  42. Carrie & Lowell – Sufjan Stevens
  43. John My Beloved – Sufjan Stevens
  44. No Shade in the Shadow of The Cross – Sufjan Stevens
  45. Blue Bucket of Gold – Sufjan Stevens
  46. Futile Devices – Sufjan Stevens
  47. Too Much – Sufjan Stevens
  48. Age of Adz – Sufjan Stevens
  49. I Walked – Sufjan Stevens
  50. Now That I’m Older – Sufjan Stevens
  51. Get Real Get Right – Sufjan Stevens
  52. Bad Communication – Sufjan Stevens
  53. Vesuvius – Sufjan Stevens
  54. All for Myself – Sufjan Stevens
  55. I Want To Be Well – Sufjan Stevens
  56. Impossible Soul – Sufjan Stevens
  57. Easy – Real Estate
  58. Green Aisles – Real Estate
  59. It’s Real – Real Estate
  60. Kinder Blumen – Real Estate
  61. Out Of Tune – Real Estate
  62. Municipality – Real Estate
  63. Wonder Years – Real Estate
  64. Three Blocks – Real Estate
  65. Younger Than Yesterday – Real Estate
  66. All The Same – Real Estate
  67. Sleeping Ute – Grizzly Bear
  68. Speak In Rounds – Grizzly Bear
  69. Adelma – Grizzly Bear
  70. Yet Again – Grizzly Bear
  71. The Hunt – Grizzly Bear
  72. A Simple Answer – Grizzly Bear
  73. What’s Wrong – Grizzly Bear
  74. gun-shy – Grizzly Bear
  75. Half Gate – Grizzly Bear
  76. Sun In Your Eyes – Grizzly Bear
  77. Sun It Rises – Fleet Foxes
  78. White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes
  79. Ragged Wood – Fleet Foxes
  80. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song – Fleet Foxes
  81. Quiet Houses – Fleet Foxes
  82. He Doesn’t Know Why – Fleet Foxes
  83. Heard Them Stirring – Fleet Foxes
  84. Your Protector – Fleet Foxes
  85. Meadowlarks – Fleet Foxes
  86. Blue Ridge Mountains – Fleet Foxes
  87. Oliver James – Fleet Foxes
  88. Montezuma – Fleet Foxes
  89. Bedouin Dress – Fleet Foxes
  90. Sim Sala Bim – Fleet Foxes
  91. Battery Kinzie – Fleet Foxes
  92. The Plains / Bitter Dancer – Fleet Foxes
  93. Helplessness Blues – Fleet Foxes
  94. The Cascades – Fleet Foxes
  95. Lorelai – Fleet Foxes
  96. Someone You’d Admire – Fleet Foxes
  97. The Shrine / An Argument – Fleet Foxes
  98. Blue Spotted Tail – Fleet Foxes
  99. Grown Ocean – Fleet Foxes
  100. One More Year – Tame Impala
  101. Instant Destiny – Tame Impala
  102. Borderline – Tame Impala
  103. Posthumous Forgiveness – Tame Impala
  104. Breathe Deeper – Tame Impala
  105. Tomorrow’s Dust – Tame Impala
  106. On Track – Tame Impala
  107. Lost In Yesterday – Tame Impala
  108. Is It True – Tame Impala
  109. It Might Be Time – Tame Impala
  110. Glimmer – Tame Impala
  111. One More Hour – Tame Impala
  112. The Suburbs – Arcade Fire
  113. Ready to Start – Arcade Fire
  114. Modern Man – Arcade Fire
  115. Rococo – Arcade Fire
  116. Empty Room – Arcade Fire
  117. City With No Children – Arcade Fire
  118. Half Light I – Arcade Fire
  119. Half Light II (No Celebration) – Arcade Fire
  120. Suburban War – Arcade Fire
  121. Month of May – Arcade Fire
  122. Wasted Hours (A Life We Can Live) – Arcade Fire
  123. Deep Blue – Arcade Fire
  124. We Used to Wait – Arcade Fire
  125. Sprawl I (Flatland) – Arcade Fire
  126. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) – Arcade Fire
  127. The Suburbs (continued) – Arcade Fire
  128. Culture War – Arcade Fire
  129. Speaking in Tongues (feat. David Byrne) – Arcade Fire, David Byrne
  130. Reflektor – Arcade Fire
  131. We Exist – Arcade Fire
  132. Flashbulb Eyes – Arcade Fire
  133. Here Comes The Night Time – Arcade Fire
  134. Normal Person – Arcade Fire
  135. You Already Know – Arcade Fire
  136. Joan Of Arc – Arcade Fire
  137. Here Comes The Night Time II – Arcade Fire
  138. Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice) – Arcade Fire
  139. It’s Never Over (Hey Orpheus) – Arcade Fire
  140. Porno – Arcade Fire
  141. Afterlife – Arcade Fire
  142. Supersymmetry – Arcade Fire
  143. Praeludium and Allegro – Fritz Kreisler, Joshua Bell, Paul Coker
  144. Schön Rosmarin – Fritz Kreisler, Joshua Bell, Paul Coker
  145. Tambourin chinois – Fritz Kreisler, Joshua Bell, Paul Coker
  146. Caprice viennois, Op. 2 – Fritz Kreisler, Joshua Bell, Paul Coker
  147. La Précieuse (in the style of Louis Couperin) – Fritz Kreisler, Joshua Bell, Paul Coker
  148. Liebesfreud – Fritz Kreisler, Joshua Bell, Paul Coker
  149. Liebesleid – Fritz Kreisler, Joshua Bell, Paul Coker
  150. La Gitana – Fritz Kreisler, Joshua Bell, Paul Coker
  151. Berceuse Romantique (Caprice) – Fritz Kreisler, Joshua Bell, Paul Coker
  152. Polichinelle (Sérénade) – Fritz Kreisler, Joshua Bell, Paul Coker
  153. Rondino on a Theme by Beethoven – Fritz Kreisler, Joshua Bell, Paul Coker
  154. Tempo di menuetto (in the style of Pugnani) – Fritz Kreisler, Joshua Bell, Paul Coker
  155. Toy Soldiers’ March – Fritz Kreisler, Joshua Bell, Paul Coker
  156. Allegretto (in the style of Boccherini) – Fritz Kreisler, Joshua Bell, Paul Coker
  157. Marche miniature viennoise – Fritz Kreisler, Joshua Bell, Paul Coker
  158. Aucassin and Nicolette (canzonetta medievale) – Fritz Kreisler, Joshua Bell, Paul Coker
  159. Menuet (in the style of Porpora) – Fritz Kreisler, Joshua Bell, Paul Coker
  160. Sicilienne and Rigaudon (in the style of Francois Francoeur) – Fritz Kreisler, Joshua Bell, Paul Coker
  161. Syncopation – Fritz Kreisler, Joshua Bell, Paul Coker
  162. Romance in F Minor, Op. 11, B. 39 – Antonín Dvořák, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Berliner Philharmoniker, Manfred Honeck
  163. Mazurek, Op. 49, B. 90 – Antonín Dvořák, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Berliner Philharmoniker, Manfred Honeck