Leila Knoll

She / Her / Hers
Maker / Sewist

I am a former mixed/shelter vet who just re-entered graduate school to study wildlife disease in hopes of working in ecosystem/free-ranging wildlife health (I would also love to quit any professional endeavors and just live off-grid somewhere green).

In my free time I’m either sewing, cooking, or climbing (boulders – indoors and outdoors).

I love to sew with natural fibers when I can – and while I need more “basics” in my wardrobe I keep leaning towards dresses for no apparent reason. I have found that being back in school allows me much more freedom in what I can wear (I no longer have to worry about being covered in cow poop or constantly washing my clothes to make sure I don’t spread diseases) so I’m very much so excited to keep exploring my new sense of style with my makes!

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

Music is a big part of my daily life whether that’s on my bike commute to school, between classes when I’m walking around campus, and when I get home to make dinner or have time to sew something.

I view music as a channel by which I define my personality – and I have always appreciated finding people who share similar tastes in music. And in some sort of way, I feel like I am able to connect with those people more closely. I must admit that several romantic partners of mine have commented that my music taste is “confusing” but I think it speaks volumes to the many stages of my life growing up and shaping who I am.

I also see music as a way to be introspective. Certain songs make you think hard on past relationships, feelings, even traumatic events. I don’t love reliving my past often, but I know it helps to focus on these areas from time to time to re-frame my current perspective on how to go about my daily life.

Tell us about your playlist:

my current go-to songs when going about my daily life 🙂

some remind me of certain people that used to be in my life or still are, others of past experiences, and some hold absolutely no meaning at all and are just fun to dance and zone out to.

black play icon

  1. I Love Hot Nights – Jonathan Richman,The Modern Lovers
  2. All I Want Is U – Chase Ceglie
  3. 104 Degrees – Slaughter Beach, Dog
  4. Ode To Dance Floor – Niki & The Dove
  5. Meateater – ALASKALASKA
  6. July – Boyish
  7. Dark Days [Feat. Sylvan Esso] – Local Natives,Sylvan Esso
  8. Running Up That Hill – Car Seat Headrest
  9. Be Sweet – Japanese Breakfast
  10. Susie Save Your Love – Allie X,Mitski
  11. Witches – Alice Phoebe Lou
  12. Dandelions – Kurt Vile
  13. Lights Out – Deep Sea Diver
  14. Can She Dance – Dr. Dog
  15. One Trick Ponies – Kurt Vile
  16. Japanese Candy – Brutus VIII
  17. Harvest Moon – Widowspeak
  18. Don’t Know How To Keep Loving You – Julia Jacklin
  19. Fruity – Rubblebucket
  20. The Bug Collector – Haley Heynderickx
  21. The Winding Stair Mountain Blues – Turnpike Troubadours
  22. Hold Me Like Water – Empress Of
  24. Mirror – Grace Ives
  25. Sleepwalkin’ – Daydreamin’ Version – Better Oblivion Community Center,Phoebe Bridgers,Conor Oberst
  26. Silk Chiffon – MUNA,Phoebe Bridgers
  27. New Song – Maggie Rogers,Del Water Gap
  28. Slide Tackle – Japanese Breakfast
  29. Jeannie Becomes A Mom – Caroline Rose
  30. Tibetan Pop Stars – Hop Along
  31. Bedroom – Litany
  32. So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings – Caroline Polachek
  33. Emotion feat. Wild Nothing – Molly Burch,Wild Nothing