Kathryn Formoso

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Maker - knitting, sewing, trying pretty much anything

I am a 4th grade teacher living in Philadelphia and I have been sewing for about 6 years. I taught myself to sew on a very old machine while I was on unemployment. From there got an internship with a small lingerie/swimwear company in Brooklyn. I moved to Brooklyn for two years and the internship turned into a Head of Production job where Iearned most of what I know about sewing.

I mostly work with wovens which is great because I only have a straight-stitch industrial Juki so I don’t have anything fancy on my machine (not even zig zag). In the past I’ve sewn any and everything and now I am working to really think about my wardrobe and what I need. I like useful, everyday wearable clothes. I am really into the Dawn Jeans right now. But also thinking about making a porch swing so I am distracted. Also knitting socks.

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

I listen to a lot of different kinds of music and I always have it blasting while I am sewing. I think it motivates me…I wouldn’t say it helps me concentrate but it does help me get into the work that I am doing. I change up what I am listening to often because I have the bad habit of letting playlist play on repeat for HOURS while I work and then all of a sudden I can’t stand listening to those songs anymore.

My partner is a musician and there is often a lot of music in the house. We have a practice space in our basement where some bands play (not since the pandemic). I have a lot of respect for musicians especially because that is one thing I KNOW I could never do. I am not musically inclined in any way. I’ve tried.

Tell us about your playlist:

This is the music that I am listening to right now. A lot of the bands are from Philadelphia because there is SO much good music here. My brain is fairly scattered, creatively speaking, therefore my playlist is pretty diverse in genres because while I am working I need the change in pace.

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Kiki Industries

  1. Losing You – Solange
  2. Lay My Love – Brian Eno, John Cale
  3. He – Jai Paul
  4. Disarm – Remastered – The Smashing Pumpkins
  5. Bullseye – NNAMDÏ
  6. Only One – Ex-Vöid
  7. Not – Big Thief
  8. GUMDROP – Pinkwash
  9. Black and Blue – The Veldt
  10. Laughter in the Sun Showers – Kilamanzego
  11. Future Hell – Swearin’
  12. GOT IT GOOD – KAYTRANADA, Craig David
  13. Shave – DJ Delish
  14. Ballad Of Jim Jones – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
  15. Strange Currencies – R.E.M.
  16. WTFK – Yowler
  17. Jeannine I Dream of Lilac Time – Remastered 2019 – Erroll Garner
  18. My New Chord – Radiator Hospital
  19. Unlucky Stars – The Goodbye Party
  20. The Steps – HAIM
  21. Urban Drip – Palehound
  22. Children Go Where I Send You – Mono; Single Edit; 2017 Remaster – Nina Simone
  23. I’m Still in Love with You (feat. Sasha) – Sean Paul, Sasha, Jeremy Harding, Murray Elias
  24. Make It Take It – The American Analog Set
  25. Cannonball! – Buck Meek
  26. Flood – Vagabon
  27. Broadcasting Low Wave – Robbie Bennett