Chloe Turner

She / Her

Hi! I’m Chloe, from Melbourne (Narrm), Australia. I have been sewing since I was a kid. My Mum sews, and used to make soft toys and travel around Australia with my Dad and I selling them at craft markets. My grandma was a dressmaker, and her father was an upholsterer for car interiors back in the day – so it’s well and truely in my blood. My family has always been creative so I grew up learning crafts and when COVID-19 lockdown hit us in Australia, I decided to deep dive into learning to sew from patterns and started sharing my makes on Instagram.

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

Music has always been a big part of my life. I learnt piano from the age of 6, guitar from 12 and also sing. I used to work in the music industry but gave that up a few years ago for a better work/life balance – now I am a public servant (but in a Creative area). I am in a band with my partner Jonnine (Activities of Daily Living) and we run a record label together (Tender Collection). Most of my friends are musicians and pre-COVID I was always going to shows. At the moment I am learning the double bass – for something a bit different.

Tell us about your playlist:

Usually when I sew I listen to one album on repeat, and just sing along and get absorbed in what I’m doing. I tried to put together a playlist that was a bit more cohesive, and a snapshot of all of the various types of music I’m drawn to. Some of these songs are local and friends bands, and some of them are musical inspirations (for my own music creation), and some are just great to sing along to.

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Please open your eyes

  1. Partita for Solo Double Bass: Movement I – Not Dreaming – Philip Glass, Robert Black
  2. Condemnation – Julia Holter, Ramona Gonzalez, Nedelle Torrisi
  3. I’m Not In Love – Kelsey Lu
  4. Tone of Voice – Honey 2 Honey
  5. Get Around To It – Arthur Russell
  6. Cut Me – Moses Sumney
  7. Untitled – Satoshi & Makoto
  8. California – Angel Olsen
  9. Not Like I Was Doing Anything – The Cat’s Miaow
  10. Love and Low Self Esteem – Jess Cornelius
  11. Dreams – Solange
  12. The Narcissist – Dean Blunt, Inga Copeland
  13. four ethers – serpentwithfeet
  14. Singing Surts – Huntly
  15. Take Care – Golden Syrup
  16. Gospel For A New Century – Yves Tumor
  17. Sex Without Stress – Au Pairs
  18. Game And Performance – Deux
  19. Colour – Delta 5
  20. Complet Brouillé – Essaie Pas
  21. The Body You Deserve – HTRK
  22. A Parting Glance – Horse Pills
  23. Fashion – Holy Balm
  24. Girls on the TV – Laura Jean
  25. Pressure Cooker – Pikelet
  26. Dear Teri – Sui Zhen
  27. Submit – MOD CON
  28. Precaution – Remastered – Pylon
  29. Wake in Fright – Nun
  30. Cowboys In Cuba – Chris & Cosey