Hobby sewer and knitter

Chinese American living in Brooklyn, NY. Professional digital product designer, owner of a small ethical business @guaigoods, co-moderator at @buyfrom bipoc, and beginner sewer and knitter of comfy, boxy things!

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

Listening to music from artists not typically represented in the Western music industry is a passive way for me to connect back with my ancestry and subtly practice antiracism. I’d say music is not a massive part of my life, but when I’m designing or crafting, it uplifts my spirits.

Tell us about your playlist:

Songs to make you feel nostalgic and homey, perfect for the Cancer astrology sign. And a couple of antiracist bonus tracks. One of my favorite tracks is a favorite from my high school days about the decolonization of medicine — it’s not in English, can you guess which one it is?

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Cancer Sun and Rising

  1. Happy Day from Me to You – Sir Victor Uwaifo
  2. Atomic Bomb – William Onyeabor
  3. La Femme Fetal – Digable Planets
  4. Oh Slime – Live – Fishmans
  5. Jamaica Farewell – Harry Belafonte
  6. Nomalizo – Letta Mbulu
  7. Come On Home – Lijadu Sisters
  8. 太陽 – Chui Wan
  9. 本草綱目 – Jay Chou
  10. 呵, 愛 – Tizzy Bac
  11. 小情歌 – Sodagreen
  12. Boku Wa Chotto – Haruomi Hosono