Bevan O’Daly

Bawn Textiles

My name is Bevan, Irish girl in Glasgow, and founder of Bawn Textiles, a new-ish online and bricks and mortar store specialising in sustainable fashion fabrics and haberdashery. My background is in Fine Art and Textile Conservation. I have a minimalist aesthetic, which includes what I like to sew and wear – block colours, and loose-fitting boxy shapes. My favourite days are cold, dry, bright days, so I can wrap up in lots of lovely layers but still wear sunglasses. I don’t leave the house without a scarf regardless of the weather.

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

While music is not my first love, it‘s something that is always there, adding another dimension to daily life. I tend to listen to music on my own while sewing, making and baking or while out for a walk. My taste in music, like most people, stems from my childhood, what my parents and older brother listened to. Anything from Bob Dylan, Louis Armstrong, and the Gipsy Kings, to Enya and Christy Moore. I gravitate most towards traditional music. I like the focus on individual instruments, the rhythms and the different energy they provoke alongside the story being told – they seem to suck me right in to the point of stopping everything I am doing just to listen and experience it. I’m not sure that music ‘inspires’ me in the traditional sense but it does help to set an atmosphere that matches or lifts my mood.

Tell us about your playlist:

I have chosen to compile a playlist made up of Irish artists. Being unable to travel home since December 2019, listening to familiar voices, language and sounds brings me endless comfort and a feeling of closeness while physically apart. I feel I can relate to the stories of some, many were played on repeat on car journeys, while others mention places that are close to my heart, transporting me back to fond memories with loved ones. I return to these songs time and time again to bring a smile to my face and feel the green run through my veins.

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Home Remedy

  1. Barefoot – Eoin Duignan
  2. Sparrow and the Wolf – James Vincent McMorrow
  3. The Auld Triangle – Damien Dempsey, Glen Hansard
  4. Real Real Gone – Van Morrison
  5. St. Brendan’s Voyage – Christy Moore
  6. Summer in Dublin – Bagatelle
  7. What’ll I Do – Lisa Hannigan
  8. Star Of The County Down – The High Kings
  9. Vanities – Mary Black
  10. Burn the Black Suit – Juliet Turner
  11. Samhradh Samhradh – The Gloaming
  12. Cherry Wine – Live – Hozier
  13. Dreams – The Cranberries
  14. Safe Travels (Don’t Die) – Lisa Hannigan
  15. A Change Is Gonna Come – Sharon Shannon, Declan O’Rourke
  16. Dancing In The Moonlight (It’s Caught Me In It’s Spotlight) – Thin Lizzy
  17. Freedom – The Gloaming
  18. If I Had a Boat – James Vincent McMorrow
  19. Days Like This – Van Morrison
  20. Mo Ghile Mear (“Our Hero”) (with Sting) – The Chieftains, Sting
  21. From Eden – Hozier
  22. The Town I Loved So Well – Luke Kelly
  23. Dunmore Lassies (with Ry Cooder) – The Chieftains, Ry Cooder
  24. Norwegian Wood – Sharon Shannon, Damien Dempsey
  25. And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop – James Vincent McMorrow
  26. A Rainy Night in Soho – The Pogues
  27. Weekend Mornings – Niamh Lowe
  28. Power Over Me – Dermot Kennedy
  29. Anywhere Is – 2009 Remaster – Enya
  30. Two Kids – David Keenan, Laura Quirke
  31. Be Good or Be Gone – Fionn Regan
  32. Bright Blue Rose – Mary Black
  33. Higher Love – James Vincent McMorrow
  34. Snow – Lisa Hannigan
  35. Down In The Willow Garden – The Chieftains, Bon Iver
  36. Hold Me – Dolores Keane
  37. Post Tropical – James Vincent McMorrow
  38. The Sailor’s Bonnet – The Gloaming
  39. Evidence of Living – David Keenan
  40. Work Song – Hozier
  41. Second Violin – Bagatelle
  42. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – U2
  43. July – Mundy
  44. A Darkness – Brian Deady
  45. May It Be – Enya