Daisy Braid

sewist / maker

Im Daisy, a self-taught sewist and maker from the Gold Coast, Australia. I share sewing projects and tutorials on my blog in the hopes that it inspires and encourage others to make their own unique handmade clothing.

I taught myself to sew as a teenager on my grandmother’s sewing machine, up-cycling op-shop finds and DIYing outfits with fabric remnants. Now, I love to sew simple garments with big results using beautifully coloured linens and Liberty Tana Lawn. I’m a fan of self-drafted DIY projects, and also love trying to recreating RTW looks using vintage or indie patterns.

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

In high school, I THOUGHT I might become a musician. My twin sister and I were a band and, we wrote and played our own original songs. It was just a hobby but it was something we bonded (and fought) over. After winning the school battle of the bands, we got to record an original song called Wintertime in a studio. We entered that song into Triple J Unearthed high with zero expectations and ended up being voted one of the top 6 finalists in Australia! We recorded a couple of other songs after that but never took it any further. We were proud of what we had achieved but our hearts weren’t 100% in it. We put down our guitars, focused on our studies and developed our own creative identities.

Now, Aurora and I live in different cities (and for about 4 years different countries) so we connect and catch up by sharing our new favourite music finds with each other. When we do see each other in person, we love to watch live music together and most of all, sing together in the car. I love to listen to music while I sew, cook, work and drive. Music makes me happy and when I’m happy I get inspired and produce my best work.

Tell us about your playlist:

Every piece in my handmade wardrobe holds memories from when it was made and where it was worn. Each song on this playlist connects to a memory in the same way. I have included songs that helped me get over a breakup, empowered me while travelling around Japan alone and made me smile while I danced with friends at picnics and house parties. I learn from every mistake I make while sewing, and even though some of these songs connect to sad memories, I have learned and grown from them.

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Sew Happy

  1. Laugh It Off – Chelsea Jade
  2. Way Back – Amber Mark
  3. Like They Do on the TV – Kimbra
  4. In Bloom – Neck Deep
  5. There’s a Honey – Pale Waves
  6. Honey – Robyn
  7. Loudspeaker – MUNA
  8. Human Touch – Betty Who
  9. Girlfriend (feat. Dâm-Funk) – Christine and the Queens, Dâm-Funk
  10. Don’t Wanna – HAIM
  11. Dance With Somebody – The Midnight
  12. Midnight – S.F. Johnson
  13. Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You) – Single Version – Bombay Bicycle Club
  14. Downtown – Modern Pleasure
  15. go with u – BAYNK
  16. I Revolve (Around You) – Neck Deep
  17. Take Me As You Please – The Story So Far
  18. Another Lover – Little Dragon
  19. Cinnamon – Hayley Williams
  20. Retrograde – Maggie Rogers
  21. Vacation Town – The Front Bottoms
  22. Weak Days – Elder Brother
  23. Circles – Yours Truly
  24. Grip – GL
  25. Set It Free – Now, Now
  26. Glow – Moose Blood
  27. What Once Was – Her’s
  28. Lover – Noah Gundersen
  29. Missing U – Robyn
  30. Off White Limousine – Client Liaison
  31. A Part Of Me (feat. Laura Whiteside) – Neck Deep
  32. With You – Montgomery
  33. Can’t Do Without You – Caribou
  34. Lay Down – Touch Sensitive
  35. Pool – Paramore
  36. Plateau – Fractures, Montgomery
  37. Mood – Porches
  38. Gone – Charli XCX, Christine and the Queens
  39. Your Graduation – Modern Baseball
  40. Meals On Wheels – Tigers Jaw
  41. Pressure – The 1975
  42. All I Need (feat. Montgomery) – The Kite String Tangle, Montgomery
  43. Desert – Paces, Guy Sebastian