Alexis Bailey

Maker and Sewist

I am a sewist who loves playing with beautiful fabrics and prints on easy basic silhouettes. I enjoy sewing on my industrial machine and making all the versatile and pretty things.

What influence does audio have in your life as a creative?:

I definitely there is a correlation between sound and how creative I am. I always like having something in the background to keep me going and focused on my work but also not TOO focused. It helps me stay present but not invested in a project too much that it becomes overwhelming. I mostly listen to podcasts or watch the occasional show (usually one I’ve already seen so it doesn’t involve me having to look at the screen). I LOVE true crime podcasts, especially ones that tell crimes in the form of a story. It helps me stay informed while also giving a great informative background to what I’m working on. I also love podcasts about small businesses and sewing as well

Tell us about your playlist:

Obviously I love true crime which is the theme of the Playlist. I feel sometimes as a sewist I get caught up in my own little safe haven of my sewing area and forget that the outside world has monsters, predators and victims. So listening to true crime brings me back to reality and keeps me informed. It’s also VERY insightful into how certain people act, you start seeing patterns in people around you who exhibit certain traits. Business podcasts keep me motivated to stay with my hobby and keep working towards making it a success.

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Alexis' Podcast List

*note there is no playlist linked here, just a list of recommendations

  1. All Crime No Cattle (I live in TX so this is a fave for me)
  2. The Dating Game Killer
  3. Canadian True Crime
  4. White Lies
  5. Criminal
  6. Serial
  7. Crime Junkie
  8. Love to Sew Podcast
  9. Business Shet
  10. How I Built This
  11. Ted Talk